Psychotherapy and Counselling in North London.
Individaul, Couples and Group Therapy.
Relationships, Stepfamilies and Contemporary Families.

Dr. Claire Asherson Bartram
I am an experienced and accredited psychotherapist, counsellor group leader and supervisor located in North London - (Hampstead Heath Therapy - Practice). I qualified in Gestalt Psychotherapy in 1991 and over the years have integrated knowledge from other spheres into my practice.

I work with individuals, couples and groups, run a full day monthly group on Saturdays and co-facilitate a fortnightly group on Tuesday evenings with Angelika Wienrich.

I teach counselling skills at the Minster Centre and supervise MA and doctoral students at the New School. I have experience of working in a variety of areas including counselling administration for Brent MIND, staff team facilitation, basic Gestalt training and creating workshops on a variety of areas.

Contemporary family relationships. I am the founder and Chair of StepIn asap Advancing Stepfamily Awareness in Practice, a group of psychotherapists who meet regularly,with a focus on family dynamics.

I have researched on Stepfamilies for my doctorate. The title of is 'Narratives of Mothers in Stepfamily Situations, an Exploratory Investigation'. It can be purchased from (Doctorate in Psychotherapy by Professional Studies (Metanoia Institue and Middlesex University).

Gestalt psychotherapy
Past events are often lived on in the present through thoughts, feelings and physical responses. Attending to these can allow us to revisit events with a different eye, thereby creating new and more satisfactory resolutions to dilemmas and difficulties. In this way we can broaden our options, free up our energy, and become more available to ourselves and others.

Creative Mind Space;
Creative Mind Space is the quiet and empty place within from which creativity springs. Working with Debbie Friedman I offer workshops and courses that refresh enthusiasm for life and creative potential through connecting with this place within.

Style of Working
My approach is relational and creative. I make the assumption that we are each experts on ourselves and given the right environment are able to make use of our expertise. I invite people to pay attention to their emotional feelings and body sensations, to become aware of their strengths, limitations and personal resources. Sometimes I suggest exploration aimed at heightening awareness.

Areas of Work
Personal development, life change, loneliness, relationships dynamics, and family difficulties, depression, grief, stress, trauma, anxiety, eating disorders, living more easily with past events, difficult decisions, OCD, bereavement.

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